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NAPPS / NYSPPSA vs. NYC Department of Consumer Services 2014

You can view a clearer version of this at the you tube site here

On November 1, 2010 NYSPPSA gave $1,000.00 dollars to the New York State Republican Party. Lobbyists have closed on their final reports for 2009-2011 with the state of New York. The lobbyist indicate they received from NYSPPA a total of $56,250.00 and ZERO from NAPPS. NAPPS reports to members and in the financials they gave 100K. Does anyone have any account for $43,750.00?

Here are the final lobbyist reports filed with the State of New York you can find that page here

Should companies who have been listed on the DCA's consent lists and been revoked by New York be eligible as continuing members in NAPPS? Here you can find the current New York DCA consent/revocation actions as of March 12, 2013

In 1971 we had a federal conviction for the deprivation of liberty against a private process server defining what process servers do as a public function, kind of like a goverment employee!

The same year NAPPS was formed there was this sewer service report A JOINT INVESTIGATIVE REPORT INTO THE PRACTICE OF SEWER SERVICE IN NEW YORK CITY April 1986

1999 13 years Later New York Times Printed this report " What Happens When A Process Server Doesn't Serve" referring to sewer service

NEW YORK LEGISLATIVE HISTORY This was initially published over a year ago but since then with further research based on the fact that New York now has 800 less competitors due to their ousters successfully passing onerous regulations I pursued further research. Often, after the fact, the results can point you to the why before the fact. I found the following 2 documents. A reasonable person could conclude licensing and legislation is not a trade concern but one of gaining market share of those who make the cut and use tax exempt facilities to do it. 2 groups in the trade benefit. The associations and those that are in them. The greater legitimate purpose of trade associations for all process servers in the trade are cast aside using their own tax exempt dollars to do it.
1. 2006_09_17_goals
2. 2008_07_01_favorableonnysppa

2009 (SINE DIE)
Initial proposal
Hearing Testimony 2009_11_13
Hearing Transcript 2009_11_13
Committee Report 2009_11_13


Initial Proposal
Proposed Initial Amendment_2010_03_02
Hearing Testimony 2010_03_02 (page 46 NAPPS Chad Marlow a lobbying expense not litigation)
Hearing Transcript 2010_03_02
Committee report 2010_03_02
Hearing Testimony 2010_03_24
Hearing Transcript 2010_03_24
Committee report 2010_03_24
Fiscal Impact
The passed local law7

New York Process Servers documents relating to above
NYSPPSA Statement on the Amendment to Digital Records and GPS
NYSPPSA_Settlement Press_Release_7 20 11_FNL
Settlement Agreement
NYC cracks down on process servers with new law

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