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Within the last two years, NAPPS has funded NYSPPSA $100,000. There have been two disbursements of $25,000 and then another $50,000 was agreed to last weekend in Florida. That $50,000 was broken into (2) parts; a ‘grant’ of $25,000 and a loan of another $25,000. It is worth noting that the NAPPS treasurer (Steve Janney) proposed that if the $50,000 was to be provided to NY as it requested, then it be in the form of an interest bearing loan. The board ignored that recommendation and voted that $25,000 be granted to NY and the rest be a loan.

Here is a copy of Steve Janney’s proposal to the board regarding the $50,000 coming in form of a loan. He sure sounds like a common sense guy to NW. NYSPPSA got the first $50K gratis but the second $50K has to be paid back. For some reason, that didn’t make sense to the NAPPS board. BTW, neither Larry Y. or the new puppet board member voted. Didn’t matter though because the fix was already in.



Mr. Yellon and His Spots

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