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This section will host a list of stories we are working on. Each story has its own page (see Working Story Page section in upper right hand column) and comments can be submitted to each. If you feel we’ve been remiss in listing a particular topic consistent with our stated purpose, please post a comment.  For all documentation submissions and private communications, PLEASE USE OUR SECURE ANONYMOUS HUSHMAIL FORM or email us at


Summary of stories


1. Mr. Admin’s AMEX Card


2.  2012 Conference

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  1. I'd Show you a way permalink
    2012-02-01 05:31

    315 412 236 338 = California, Florida, New York, and Texas = 1301 everyone else about 1000. NY is 10% of our association and gonna get 50% of our 2012 budget. In turn Florida will get the next big chunk in 2013.

    Listen you may think New York needs it and support this transfer but near 50% of the membership may think differently. New York, Florida, California have all had “associations” for many years. For the issues to have developed while the ‘associations” were active shows the “associations” and it members were probably part of the problem. Now the same schmucks want to tell us the have the answers? Education, legislation, give me a brake.

    • NAPPS Watcher permalink*
      2012-02-02 02:01

      Thank you for your comment. This issue you raise is really at the core of many things – in this case the funding that NYSPPSA has received and will probably continue to receive from NAPPS. New York has a problem but one has to ask what did process servers really get for their money? Self regulation failed at the state and national level and so government (read politics) stepped in. Big surprise, huh? To us, the issue is one of governance – NAPPS has a framework for assisting state associations and that is a good thing (thank you Andy Estin for having that foresight). However, the leadership of NAPPS has decided they don’t care for that framework because it’s too restrictive so they get creative, make things up without seeking proper counsel, dole out members dollars and hope it all works out. Sounds like a plan to NW.

      There will be a series of posts on this important topic once we get through the Jeff B. and MaryLee story. Who remembers the ‘secret vote’ at the 2010 Tampa conference authorizing a transfer of funds to NYSPPSA? There wasn’t even a thought of having this discussion with conference attendees, heck, at least one board member wasn’t even given notice of the pow wow. It wasn’t until Mr. Admin was called out for the ‘oversight’ that the discussion even came to the conference floor. In a nutshell, this is how NAPPS is being run.

    • Jimmy Crack Corn... permalink
      2012-02-02 17:58

      ID SHOW YOU A WAY you posted NAPPS has members numbers of 315 412 236 in California, Florida, New York

      The state associations in California, Florida, New York have 373, 225, 208

      California has 58 local members say no to NAPPS. FLORIDA is in deep doo doo. 204 NAPPS members say no to FAPPS! New York 28 say no to NAPPS.

      Listen political pollsters for NAPPS. Florida is wavering and the signs couldn’t be more clear they do not represent the interests of national members. The local process servers who are members of NAPPS leave FAPPS in droves. So the funding mechanism is to overcome the local NAPPS process servers decision not to join the state. With two board members from Florida association on NAPPS they are dealing cards trading favors and likely to be the state that busts the charter association concept with the first agency tie in NAPPS operations that bring about investigations. Near 50% of Florida NAPPS members have a reason they don’t join FAPPS.

      Lets look at when we elected JB over JL for president in Florida. A Florida FAPPS leader lost in Florida NAPPS election, The battle is clear those NAPPS members in Florida seem to see it all to well and don’t join FAPPS. Almost 50% of NAPPS florida members avoid FAPPS! This should be a sign on the doorpost of NAPPS New York may stand but what you don’t see coming is FAPPS will fall.

      Boston annual meeting next and FAPPS is putting up MC to get even with the Florida ouster that put an outsider JB in their home town annual meeting NAPPS election.

      I love politics because the blindness of the self interests don’t see what is coming next. Fire sale cheap NAPPS directory anyone? But first we have the clarion call in defense of positions to inquiries…..FAPPS is not an agent of ours ( we only give them money, mutually agree to expel members, and share resources.)

  2. mahfouzsez permalink
    2012-02-04 00:05


  3. Robison permalink
    2012-02-04 13:11

    At the Boston annual meeting I am going to prove a point. I am going to nominate for President Jeff Bannister.

    The bylaws “do not” require to be a member to be elected. The by laws say No “member’ shall be eligible to be an officer or director until they have been a “member for two years”.

    The bylaws have directives to those who are members and how they can run for office but they do not say anywhere you have to be a member to be an officer.

    The point proved is if a farm boy like me can shoot holes through their constitution of words than shirley, Yes I called you Shirley, than one act against a member that is unfair or political and they pursue it then the pot is busted.

    They write the bylaws convoluted and speckled with so many holes NAPPS may be better called SWISS. Society Waiting for Investigations to Sharpen Stick.

  4. Auntie Trust IC Commerce permalink
    2012-02-04 22:46

    Do you shake and tremble when you call a Florida process server? Do they tell you what their rules are even after you told them what your state needs? Shake tremble rattle and roll look for some who don’t think like them. Then shake tremble rattle and roll NAPPS and FAPPS are teaching each other. Ignoring records laws to members, ignoring retribution laws relating to expulsion of whistle blowers, ignoring members requests and filing tax returns in identical manner.

    Remember that conspiracy and paranoia individuals will always be considered on the fringe until the earth shakes and the truth comes tumbling down on the heads of the conspirators. A little sad they probably don’t even realize what they are doing that is so wrong. But tell the cop that when he pulls you over for going 20 over the speed limit.

    So in three months from now we can all learn a little something of today’s meeting Nov 4, 2012 in Florida, maybe or never mind. Will the Sun Sentinal and Miami Herald reporters who cover Florida’s foreclosure robosigning who attended this event (as secret guests ) report something? One thumb in the dyke and the rest of us come NAPPS is going to change There are no little boy blues here NAPPS is going to awake!

  5. Links to NP Fraud detection and stories permalink
    2012-02-11 06:00

    Regarding NAPPS Funding NYSPPSA and Mr. Admin’s AMEX Card

  6. Bob Musser permalink
    2012-02-13 22:11

    My name is Bob Musser. My email address is Why is anyone afraid to post their opinions (sometimes facts) with their own name behind them? Is it because so many of the posts made here are only half correct, taken out of context, or just plain baseless? There are plenty of legitimate gripes when you are dealing with a large organization. There are plenty of things that can be corrected with logic, truth, complete sets of facts, and good intentions. But to argue with anonymous posters who are free to say anything with no fact checking? I am a NAPPS Board member. I’d be happy to engage in an intelligent conversation. I do just that from time to time on Jeff Karotkin’s blog. But there, you are dealing with people with actual names. You know their history, their experience.

    Let me know when you actually want truth. Let me know when you are ready to post opinions, questions, critiques, and sign your name to them. Let me know when you are ready to move from being a gossip magazine to a blog with a purpose.

    Bob Musser

    • NAPPS Watcher permalink*
      2012-02-14 01:02

      Welcome Bob Musser – you are the 2nd non-anonymous poster on NW. One question though – are you here on: (a) official NAPPS business (board member), (b) as a process server member of NAPPS, or (c) a vendor? You know how it is – can’t tell the players without a program.

    • Alfred Pennyworth permalink
      2012-02-14 03:20

      Hi Bob Musser,

      Glad your here!

      What says you? What part did you have to do with the expulsion of JB. If you are talking transparency prove it. Who voted yea and who voted nah? Who supplied the Facebook printout?

      Again if it really is transparency than why are members googling the search term “Norman Yellon” our NAPPS president. Is it possible the 180K to New York is so high because we have to compensate for some credibility issues??

      Real transparency would not keep these kind of secrets from the membership. If anyone follows up to this please share what the search terms for google to reveal the Pennsylvania process serving contract issue. Or the other issue relating to the international leadership. If Google has it NAPPS shouldn’t try to hide it.

      Alfred Pennyworth

  7. John J. Pease permalink
    2012-02-14 03:57

    Hey Bob. You are to be commended for having the guts to speak your mind. You are at times one of the few board members that are willing to put the petty BS aside and make rational and fair decision. You have to work harder than most on that board to bring consensus as you often play the peace maker. You have weathered attacks at conference by the Old Guard and the anti-vendor crowd alike to remove you from the board. And you keep coming back for more. They don’t like you because you are not in one camp or the other. Let’s face it you don’t really have a dog in the fight. You play the middle. It is safer there. But you know that all too well.

    Here is the deal, seeing as you know the facts (not gossip) why don’t you enlighten the followers of NAPPS Watcher. You know what is wrong with NAPPS. You know who has and still is gaming the system. You know who the good guys and the bad guys are. You know the credit card issue is a mess that needs to be fixed or buried. You know or at least should have reason to believe that the grievance against Jeff B was dubious. You know the difference between right and wrong. If you stand for NAPPS being open and fair organization stand up and call a spade a spade. You are on the board, do something about it. But we know how it is, if you want to get anywhere in NAPPS you go along and try not to make too many waves. Am I wrong?

    So don’t get all self righteous if some decide that it is safer to speak anonymously. Let’s face it, members get grievances filed against them by Marylee Rustand (or maybe it was GC or EV) for suggesting Gary Crowe is over-paid.

    • Alfred Pennyworth permalink
      2012-02-14 11:52

      Bob’s a poker player he likes the game! He has his hands full battling Mike Compton and Lance Randall for control of FAPPS. FAPPS just made Diana Wardell a FAPPS vice president, an ally of Bob’s, the paid administrator. Before then the administrator was Justin Patrae Diana Wardell employee in her process serving business.

      Another site just started claims the FAPPS board officers and directors get free banner ads on the FAPPS website where everyone else has to pay $150.00 a year. Then the site posted FAPPS 990′s and it shows someone had their utilities paid for $1,300.00. FAPPS has no office. The site also said that FAPPS president stated in a meeting will comply with laws if they get caught.

      So Bob likes poker and because he likes the game. The problem is he is not only not showing his cards he seems to be handing some other the table to other players.

      View the complaint and Facebook url.

  8. Struggling to Understand permalink
    2012-02-14 14:48

    Bob I have seen your work or lack of it for years. You normally do and vote the way the Admin tells you to vote. The Admin often recommends your program to members when they call. That is a fact as he recommended it to me when I was looking. Did you really think you became the biggest because your program is that good?

    Then after you do as YOU ARE TOLD you get all self righteous about what you do as you did above. We know you voted to get rid of JB as did MC. Mr. Az and the Admin don’t really keep secrets very well.

    I have seen you target people here in Fl than act as if you can do no wrong. I keep my name secret as I don’t want to be a target for your friends over some petty BS like JB was. You aren’t doing the business of NAPPS you are doing the business of BOB.

    Go back to your million $$ house and play volley ball

  9. Bob Musser permalink
    2012-02-14 15:18

    For 20 years, (my entire time in this industry/profession), I have done a couple of things very consistently. I have always done and voted for what I thought was right, for what I thought was the right thing for the greatest good for the greatest number of process servers. I don’t vote with any “faction”. I don’t argue the point that makes me look the best, or gets me political credit with whomever seems to be trending in power. If one thinks I “play the middle because it’s safer there” they are not paying attention. The middle is often where the best answer is, fringe positions are often well off to one side of what’s best for the average process server.

    Who did I come here as? I came here as a rational being, I always bring my brain. I am not advocating any board position, or vendor position. Sometimes you can “tell the players” by actually knowing who they are, and actually reading what they write. Some of us (gasp) actually read the facts, consider the ramifications, and vote our beliefs.

    I am not “battling Mike Compton and Lance Randall for controll of FAPPS”. I am the incumbent President. Lance is running for my job. If he wins, FAPPS will go on. If I win, FAPPS will go on. Control of FAPPS is in the hands of 9 board members, I’d be quite arrogant to say that I control it because I run the meeting. I want to continue in that job because I think I am the best person for the job, the most rational person to lead FAPPS. I think, rather than react. I ponder, rather than speak from emotion.

    I’ve always found it most effective to work from within an organization. Lobbing thought grenades from outside does little to effect change – though it might cause some folks to be more honest in their behaviour since they know folks are watching. I will continue to work from within as long as the members continue to believe in me. “John Pease” has his first paragraph pretty well dead on, until the playing the middle on purpose concept. I appreciate that at least he has observed my record.

    I hope that some of you get mad enough to actually join and work from within. I’m not going to get into debates on any issues in a forum where I don’t even know who I’m talking to, or what their history or conflicts of interest might be. I have never been afraid to sign my name to my views, because my opinions are always based on facts and logic.

    • Alfred Pennyworth permalink
      2012-02-14 22:44

      I believe…this person claiming to be Bob Musser wrote

      “Control of FAPPS is in the hands of 9 board members”.

  10. Struggling to Understand permalink
    2012-02-14 20:20

    Tell us BOB why you voted to have JB kicked out? Everyone one can see it was total BS but a few board members.

    Why did you take the side you did?

    How do you feel as a Board member that no one on the board see any credit card statments from the Admin?

    Would you allow Chris to write all your checks without you seeing what they were for? But you did not speak up when it was brought forward at the meeting in Fl., you sat silent.

    What does the Admin have on you to make you do the wrong thing?

    Is this site pulling you away from a poker or Volley Ball game?

    • NAPPS Watcher permalink*
      2012-02-14 21:13

      Dear Struggling, we too wonder why an ‘independent’ like Bob M. would show up on this blog. Looking past his words, we believes (sic) it is his facebook connection to the MaryLee and Jeff B. fiasco. It really doesn’t matter though – Bob B. isn’t in our deck of cards. He brought his own shovel to the game and if he wants to keep digging, then we say, let him. Just know he isn’t here to speak for NAPPS.

  11. Bob Musser permalink
    2012-02-14 22:16

    I got my million dollar house and the freedom to play volleyball (and ski, and take poker trips) whenever I want, by doing the right thing, by treating my customers right, by investing in great people. Any recommendations by NAPPS administrators were based on my reputation. No one ever has shown any example of a conflict of interest in my actions, because they can’t. My self esteem, my sense of right and wrong won’t allow it.

    I came here to try and foster an intelligent debate. I see that, as several folks advised me, that is impossible in this type of forum. I’m getting personal attacks, baseless of course, but personal all the same from folks hiding behind anonymous names.

    Good luck all. You just blew an opportunity to converse intelligently with perhaps the only person “on the inside” who was willing. Now flame away, secure in your hiding places.

    • NAPPS Watcher permalink*
      2012-02-15 05:50

      Bob M. – understand you brought nothing to the table other than a simple minded, ‘tell me who you are so we can have a nice chat’. We privately advised Mr. Dayton prior to his posting on this blog that there was nothing here for him – that he should stick to his knitting. It seems the same advice might work for you. You have a nice life, you’ve earned it and have nothing to hide or be ashamed of. Kudos. Just know that when Jeff B. decided to speak his mind, he did so out of sheer frustration in trying to make a better association for everyone. You were duped like most everyone else on the board and proceeded to cut him down at the knees. Tell us Bob, did you even open the package that contained Jeff B’s response to see what it said? Did you?

  12. Alfred Pennyworth permalink
    2012-02-14 22:48

    I believe this person claiming to be Bob Musser wrote:

    “Control of FAPPS is in the hands of 9 board members”

    does this sound weird to anyone?

  13. Alfred Pennyworth permalink
    2012-02-14 22:56

    Does the irony of his self righteous claims against anonymous posters strike a chord as hypocritical considering his Facebook page was edited and cleaned of its left hand column so he can hide as the procurer of the evidence against JB.

    A wise old man once told me if you always tell the truth you don’t have to have a good memory. But if you erase you name from the left column of a facebook plant you should be smart enough to erase the url that leads right to you. It is a form of poker. Keeping a real good face when all along your holding your cards the wrong way.

    Sorry Robert the only way you were to survive was not voting against JB (Russell) so since you did now pick up your torch and extinguish your flame you are voted off NAPPS Island.

    Hopefully others learn by your errors.

  14. Struggling to understand permalink
    2012-02-15 04:07

    BOB why did you vote to have JB ousted? Just answer that question. You avoided it beautifully.

    Answer the question please.

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