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2012 Conference

What is to happen within these walls?

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2012 Conference

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  1. Take Back NAPPS permalink
    2012-03-11 23:25

    Let’s hope that someone will run against Yellon and his cronies. From where I sit the following folks need to go. They are everything that is wrong and broken with NAPPS.

    Larry Yellon – Can you Say Sewer Service, need I say more?

    Ron Ezell – Nice guy but has not done anything meaningful for NAPPS is a decade. NOTHING! He is absolutely worthless.

    Eric Vennes – Vendor (Insurance Agent) need I say more. Whoever thought he would be a good technology chair was out to lunch.

    Bob Musser – Again can you say Vendor… Definitely a know it all arrogant @$$. Worse than Eric V at Tech Chair.

    Mike Compton – Another nice guy that has been ineffective in his role as Legislative Chair. If you want to know what he stands for just ask him after everyone else has given their opinion.

    Jillina Kwiatkowshki – . Larry’s Stooge. Anyone that would accept an appointment like she did is either stupid or naive.

  2. Patricia Karotkin permalink
    2012-03-13 16:16

    Take Back NAPPS – now there is an idea I can agree with!

    While I agree with you, I wonder who is out there to replace the individuals on your list and not certain this is the place to discuss the replacements…but maybe it is the perfect place, if transparency is what will clean out the stench of the kitty litter box.

    Personally, I have spoken to two people who are interested in running for the Board and are not currently on the Board.

    I do believe, however, that a slate of candidates should be in place prior to convention, that is made up of members who desire to be in service to NAPPS and who have been vetted.

    I wonder if this conversation can begin?

  3. 2012-03-30 12:10

    There is going to be great enlightenment of peace and harmony as the zen master will reveal to all us woman how the New Age of NAPPS can thrive with universal truths and acceptance.

    I hope that AZXAC is touching the vital meridians in Ron Ezells bank account and he has willingly paid for this himself and this isn’t costing NAPPS membership.

    The next order I receive that quotes the divine enlightenment this type of goofy presentation at a trade association offers I am going to have them talk to my husband for as little inspirational message and see if they can ever locate their divine meridian again.

    Stretch you legs grab you ankles and get ready to do your Chinese bed exercises (it is really in there) …come on NAPPS who choose this one ! Here is the video

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