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More Secret Meetings


Perhaps we should have titled this post, “More of the Same”.  Believe it or not but the a series of special meetings have been called over the last month or so that contain a single agenda item – executive session.  Forget for a moment this is a violation of the intent of a special meeting, consider that  these special secret meetings aren’t even being properly noticed.

It’s clear the board doesn’t want to have a broader discussion of the subject matter at hand.  The subject matter you ask?  Member’s requesting to inspect records, namely the accounting records of the association.  The meetings are to determine, what if anything, is provided to members.  There is further discussion as to what the association’s policy should be about these types of requests.


As we understand it, there have been various record inspection requests made pursuant to Arizona statutes that govern non-profits.  (NAPPS is registered in Arizona.)

10-11602. Inspection of records by members; applicability

A. … any member who has been a member of record at least six months immediately preceding its demand is entitled to inspect and copy any of the records of the corporation described in section 10-11601,.during regular business hours at the corporation’s principal office, if the member gives the corporation written notice of its demand as provided in section 10-3141 at least five business days before the date on which the member wishes to inspect and copy.

These requests can include association accounting records.

There are good reasons why discussions of this nature require transparency.  NAPPS blatantly ignores them all and even allows those accused of wrong doing and inappropriate behavior to participate in the crafting of policy.  This is what NAPPS has been reduced to;  cesspool of inappropriate behavior, obfuscation, cover up and outright lies.  Let’s all pat ourselves on the back now and say again how great and effective we are.  We showed New York didn’t we.  Mess with us and you’re going to pay.

Really, we are no better than a petty thief wrapped in a robe of vanity and insecurity.  No, that is too kind.  NAPPS is a thug – a school yard bully.

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  1. Robin permalink
    2012-04-05 21:50

    Where is the Perry Mason music? — THE PLOT THICKENS — The bull shit is still flowing. Get your hip waders

  2. Give me a Break permalink
    2012-04-05 23:06

    Robin – what BS are you referring to? The complete lack of respect for the members from the NAPPS leadership… is that the BS you are referring to or is it the failure of the association to file a simple IRS 990 form accurately or it inability to follow its own procedures as it relates to the allocation of legislative funds or the fact that three past president have been expelled and the fact the two prominent members company partners have been indicted, and in one instance sentenced for obstructing justice. I can keep going is that the kind of BS you are referring to. Because if it is, waders are not going to be enough… I am afraid we the little people have drowned in the BS coming from our leaders. I forgot one, how about the fact that an association with over almost a million dollars in the bank has ZERO checks and balances in place as it relates to the management of the members money. What’s worse is knowing all this and this boards is in denial and demonstrated an inability to even acknowledge they have a problem. Very troubling. WHO or WHAT or they protecting or hiding?

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