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Expanding the Audience


Next week, we embark on a broader awareness campaign by messaging agencies, departments and associations who have a business interest in NAPPS.  Several agencies already follow NAPPS Watcher and we thought it appropriate to let others know about this blogs existence.

We’ve been advised that bringing attention to the current state of NAPPS leadership could cause more embarrassment than actual harm.  It’s a situation we’re sensitive to but also understand that should a healthy check and balance system exist in NAPPS, there isn’t much content for us report on.

NAPPS has struggled with transparency for many years.  Several readers have argued that some credit is due and that improvements have been made.  While there is some truth to that, it’s our belief that the membership of NAPPS ultimately decides on acceptable levels of progress and until that time comes, we are doing our part to bring positive change to the association.

Here is a partial list of the agencies we’ll be messaging.  Should you have further suggestions or specific persons that we should be contacting, please email us or post a comment.


Federal Trade Commission

Bureau of Consumer Protection

Julie Bush, Senior Staff Attorney


National Sheriff’s Association

Court Security, Transportation of Prisoners and Civil Process Committee

Sheriff John Zaruba, DuPage Co., IL


American Bar Association

Science & Technology Law Section

Ellen J. Flannery, Section Delegate


New York Department of Consumer Affair

DCA Licensing Center

Alvin Liu, Esq, Senior Attorney, Legal Division

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  1. Sengbe Pieh permalink
    2012-03-31 20:57

    Now hold your horses there, Dr. Strangelove. Before you “Expand the Audience” and Scorch the Earth, we need for you to explain in some greater detail what the current charges are against NAPPS leadership.

    Let’s review to flesh them out. Correct me if I’ve forgotten something.

    NAPPS is as much my organization as anyone else. I too want to protect NAPPS, the organization; however, I’d prefer the first opportunity to democratically divest of those few incestuous/viperous influences that presently, temporarily, have their steely clutches on the organization, to put it mildly, as much as the next guy; therefore, proceed with caution NW.

    What you have explained thus far;
    1. G.C., personal points, awards, personal credit card use, non-disclosure, non-transparency, luxury vacations, gratuitous self promotion and records refusal for what he considers his personal credit card statements. Did I forget anything?

    Opinion: It’s NOT just the present board’s complacency that has allowed G.C. to act so. This goes back nearly a decade or longer. Did Mr. Crowe (God Rest His Soul) do this too?
    GC has been given tacit permission to act with such autonomy by many presidents, directors and boards. Also, one might find that G.C. has acted above board all this time, maybe, hopefully. At these prices, still say we should consider hiring an ex-Senator/Rep./Governor/Lobbyist, or reduce the Admin. to $30K per year. Shocking, I know. Frugal is my middle name.

    The fact that he won’t allow access to his statements IS disturbing and curious, but, he’s innocent until proven _____? Even so, he was given free rain to perform this way by many past boards. It just needs to change for him to continue as our Admin. Problem solved.

    2. No Audit. Yes, that’s truly a conundrum. Probably the 2nd most serious problem we have. But it too can be corrected with a new NAPPS board makeup OR a final mandate by the membership at the next convention.
    MEMBERS should finally demand this OR file a TRO within 60 ~ 120 days after the convention. Nothing personal board members. It’s just business. For Christ’s Sake, just get it over with. Problem #2 solved.

    If they destroy records, then they’re in violation of the Sarbanes-Oxley act. Then they’re in violation of VPA-97 Act, and can be sued personally without protection if >500.00 annually. No such protection to Mr. Admin. Sorry Dude. I’m not even sure their D&O insurance would cover them if there’s obvious, intentional violations of Fed Acts. Do they even have D&O? No?

    If 1 & 2 do not change at next caucus, I’d declare “Broken Arrow” (to myself) If I were a board member skedaddle as fast as my Nike’s would whisk me away, but that’s just me. Some people need that attention & affirmation. Others need the vindication.

    3. LY and his notary scam legacy. How he kept from sharing a cell with William Singler is a miracle, BUT, he didn’t. Also, it happened over a decade ago. Now, he’s an elected officer of NAPPS and we have to respect that, past efficacy peccadillo’s aside.

    And Hey, stranger things have happened–with a resume like Singler’s, after his release, we might consider running him for President of NAPPS. Candidates without Wrap-Sheets don’t seem to have a snow-ball’s chance in hell at board positions–so Singler sounds like he might be the cat’s meow after his parole and probation. We do seem to prefer the bad boys.

    4. FB. He’s not an officer, although he can’t accept that small fact. Creator of most of the pandemonium within NAPPS, and his friendships/partnership handicap of not choosing wisely, he’s just not the issue. He’s irrelevant in fact, but who wants to be the one to crush his Emperor Caligula ego?

    What do we have left NW? All this can be easily fixed upon the next caucuses. If the membership has the desire, and if they’re not still suffering from a bad case of Stockholm Syndrome, possibly. No need to whistle blow to the world when it might just be about to change for the better. DON’T be so quick to lose faith in the members ability to chose wisely our fools who lead us. All that’s called for here is a small correction at the ballot box and a tiny can of political whoop-ass.

    The patriarchs had their Ethics meeting and gave their secret recommendations to the board. Who knows NW, maybe the patriarchs found Jebus and all might be as right as rain soon. It could happen!!! I have faith, kind-of.

    Even if a few simple corrections fail to happen, then what? Then you have to question the membership and not the board. It certainly can’t be how well they stump & politic that keeps them board members, directors and administrators, can it? They don’t whisper a necromancers spell thus bewitching and turning us into Manchurian Process Servers, do they? No. Of course not. So it must be their ebullient and scintillating personalities. Who knows?

    Oh sure, they scribble a few opinions on the Sheet now and again, but that’s not politicking. That’s just platitudes, pontifications and sophistry; keeping their names in our minds….because…surely we don’t just vote for people who simply write a lot, content not withstanding. Grrrr!!!

    Historically, all they had to do was show up, strut around like peacocks year after year and we’d vote their feathery butts back into office. How is this their fault? If you had 100 acolytes fawning over you knowing your past sins, wouldn’t you allow chronic Stockholm Syndrome cult sufferers to vote you back into office too? Hell yes you would! Why not? Some pretty Sweet Vindication, no?

    In summation, what I am pontificating myself is; we’re all to blame! There are no true bad guys in this scenario as long as we’ve had the opportunity to vote and those votes were true democratic representations of our willingness to have flawed caricatures as our leaders. Only OZ knows if the vote counts were correct in the past, but we can change that too. It all depends if we take control of our organization or if we continue to be led around by our noses any longer. As for me and my clan, we still believe in democracy.

    One final thought. In NO WAY should the membership allow anyone with a position (any board member, Admin, Director, Committee Chair) to count votes.

  2. Mr. Clean permalink
    2012-04-01 01:04

    Isn’t Mr. Blom representing the association with each of those organizations. I wonder if they all know about his past dealings with the Dept. of Justice… Doesn’t Mrs. Collins represent the association with the International Association? I wonder if they know about her dealings with the Dept of Justice? What is it with NAPPS leadership do they all have skeletons? Larry Yellon alleged sewer service and notary misconduct.

    Aren’t there three past presidents that have been kicked out of the association? Let’s see Jeff Bannister, Joe Bulter & David Shirtzer… yep three. What the hell is up with NAPPS? Seems there are issues with ethics and professionalism.

    • NAPPS Watcher permalink*
      2012-04-02 02:18

      Point well taken Mr. Clean. Must be something hereditary.

  3. James Hoopla permalink
    2012-04-02 04:02

    check the convention 2012 comment

  4. Sengbe Pieh permalink
    2012-04-02 14:52

    Proxy or Absentee voting. Should 100+/- people decide the fate of 2,000+ members just because the majority can’t attend a conference? .05% decide the fate of 99.95%?

    Candidates/campaigns are secret until conference time? No official/public declarations to members prior to caucuses? Why?

    What is NAPPS, the VATICAN??? Are 183+/- consecrated Cardinals voting for a Pontiff at Conclave? Jeesh! Get over ourselves!

    Prior to conference, those wishing to run for an elected office could, if they wish, officially declare and be given space on the sheet to explain their positions. Open to all, or maybe on the website if it takes up too much space making it too expensive to print. No problem.

    This is another big piece of the control mechanism at work. It’s far easier to influence/control a room of 100 familiar people than it is 2,000 +/- absent members at large, obviously.

    All members, present or not, should be afforded the right to vote. Candidates should be afforded the right to state their political positions and stake their claims to an idea or a solution prior to the election OR at conference.

    Some positive (instead of negative) solutions are so freakin obvious.

  5. Lone Ranger permalink
    2012-04-02 15:25

    Get rid of the hoopla for a couple years. Have the meeting and election only. To many people drunk with authority make these events an orgy instead of a business meeting. A constitutional convention is in order. Look at a few years ago where that poor guy got caught up with Jezebel never to be seen again.

    Scrap it all use a standard non profit member start up by-law. Too much garbage implemented over the years for political reasons. Look at the by law last year specifically against Bob Musser to prevent his eligibility as a board member although it did not pass a lot of bad bylaws did in the past.

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