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Coming Apart


Signs are emerging that people are beginning to pay attention to what the net effect of censorship is doing to NAPPS.  For several months now, we’ve been asking if anyone else found it terribly unsettling that the National Association of Profession Process Servers wraps itself in the due process flag of the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution all the while systematically retaliating against its own members and covering up indiscretions of those who yield power.  The answer appears to be yes and it could be the undoing of NAPPS.

The association’s own administrator stated publicly that free speech has no place in NAPPS; that the First Amendment doesn’t apply to members.  The association’s board of directors, by lack of action, in essence condones Mr. Admin’s position.  What’s left?  Is this what NAPPS is reduced to?   The lemming membership waiting to be told what to think next…

But not everyone is remaining silent and thus is the problem for NAPPS.  Outsiders are beginning to show active interest while  the membership slowly wakes up understanding this is still America, that free speech is alive and well.

This blog is an example.  Serve-Now is an example.  Service of Process Looking Forward is an example.  Many of the proposed bylaw amendments are examples, specifically those that speak directly to the issue of free speech.  Mr. Perez and Mr. Estin are paying attention and speaking out in their own way.  The partisan debates within the board of directors are an example…

It seems to us that those who speak out care.  In fact, it can be said that they care passionately.  But here is an example of what can happen when you do.

It’s the ‘private’ (there’s that word again) reprimand letter Jeff Karotkin received from the board in 2010 with Mr. Tamaroff and Mr. Admin leading the charge.

To help you understand the context of that letter, what follows below is an excerpt from a recent Process Serving Looking Forward Facebook exchange between Jeff K. and another NAPPS member (name redacted).  Right or wrong, who can deny Jeff’s passion for wanting a better association.

NAPPS has a problem.  It exerts so many resources attempting to control the message that it is failing its duty to the membership.  Utterly.  Ironically, NAPPS has no one to blame but itself.




I am going to get a little self righteous (OK a lot self righteous) here so deal with it or don’t. If you do not want to hear it, please don’t read any further.

“Here is the deal (name redacted) if NAPPS were actually as effective at monitoring legislation, informing its membership and otherwise giving them a forum and right to express their opinions freely and without the threat of retribution this forum and others like it would not even need to exist. That is not my opinion, it is an absolute FACT!

No one in NAPPS has been as proactive as me when it comes to challenging NAPPS to evolve. No one has written more articles and offered more informative content and important information impacting our industry than me in the last decade. I put my money, time, passion, blood sweat and tears into my cause. My CAUSE is to provide process servers and related litigation support professional with a forum to discuss, debate and otherwise share information about the challenges facing the process serving profession. My CAUSE is to leave this industry better than I found it.

(name redacted) who told you about legislation impacting Nevada process servers last year? I did. Who told Virginia process server about legislation impacting them last year? I did. Who told NAPPS about the Federal Trade Commission hearings about Sewer Service, I did. I could give another ten I did’s, the point is if the NAPPS and the people running it were so effective I would not have to be doing what I am doing.

NAPPS should be doing what I am doing, but it refuses to embrace change, it refuse to allow its members to have a meaningful discussion about topic important to the future of the industry especially if that discussion or your questions challenge the status-quo. The administrators own words two newsletters ago were:

“Too often we have had members who have spewed derogatory comments regarding another member or the Association and then defend their conduct by claiming a right of “free speech.” However, there is no First Amendment argument to the violation of our Code of Ethics. NAPPS is not a governmental entity bound by the First Amendment.”

So if you dare to make a statement that they deem derogatory, you too risk a grievance like mine and like the one filed against now ex-member Jeff Bannister.

Here is an actual language issued to me in a written reprimand:

“Therefore, the Board directs you to immediately cease and desist in making any derogatory remarks pertaining to any member of the Board of Directors, or to the Association, in any way whatsoever. There should be no derogatory remarks made by you with regard to what an individual board member of the Association may or may not be doing with any new or ongoing rules, regulations or any other matter affecting the process service profession with regard to NAPPS activities. The Board further advises that a violation of its direction, as noted above, may result in a more severe sanction taken against you.”

You might have to read that twice because it is a real gem. It says among other offensive things that if they do not like what I am saying even if it is true they can kick me out.

What did I do to deserve this Reprimand? I dared to question the then president Paul Tamaroff on the handling of United States Senate Bill 1606. I asked publicly why he chose to ignore it and not report on it to the membership; a bill that could have had a significant impact on the industry.

That is all I did. But I touched a nerve, a sensitive nerve. So the then president, set out to put me in my place and have me kicked out. It took him and his cronies’ two executive sessions to ambush me and still he failed and he is lawyer.

(name redacted) I too want to believe in Santa Clause and Unicorns but I am informed and I base my opinions on results and facts. The fact is I expect far more from my association than you do because I know firsthand just how dysfunctional NAPPS has been and continues to be. That does not mean I am going to give up on it, I am not, I am pushing as hard and as fast as I can to fix it.

Unfortunately I am not allowed to exercise my cause within the NAPPS structure. So here I am just one guy who gives a crap and is no longer afraid of what others think. My cause is not about people as you put it (name redacted) , it is Truth, Honestly and Transparency! I guess that makes some uncomfortable.

(name redacted) I suggest you get off your high horse and stop treating people on this group like we are scum because we dare to ask questions that you don’t like.




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  1. Sengbe Pieh permalink
    2012-03-21 03:06

    Then don’t do business unscrupulously, PR Process, and then bitch about it when the long reach of social media provides instant feedback for ones Karma, right? The old guard underestimates the power if social media. They assume resistance is a passing fad. Was democracy a passing fad? Is technocracy going to be a passing fad then? No. It’s here to stay.

    This, in fact, is what seperates old guard from new guard and provides the boundaries first and foremost. But, we still have friends across the devide.
    New Guard, however, has a completely different mindset, and it’s this difference sadly that causes such miscommunication. For me, that’s what makes this so uncomfortable but necessary.

    If one runs ones business or ones affairs unscrupulously and then one seeks a leadership position anywhere, not just in this boutique organization, don’t bitch when social media and technocracy catches one with their pants down, metaphorically. Times have changed. They will change again.

    It’s going to take half a decade for Old Guard to be fully replaced with New Guard, and a decade more for New Guard to become Old Guard and renew the cycle.
    When the next Old Guard receives its challenge, let’s hope it reccognizes when it’s time to respectfully withdraw without the current hostilities. It’s embarrassing!

    Fat Chance, That!

    Peace Friends.
    Health & Honest Prosperity to all.

  2. PR Process permalink
    2012-03-21 12:28

    No problem here is how you effect change. Hire a lobbyist the wife of a sitting US Senator Richard Durbin Illinois for $7,000.00 and don’t bill NAPPS members and get a good law passed or spend 100K watch a bad law get passed and then bill NAPPS members. Either way corruption reigns,

  3. PR Process permalink
    2012-03-21 12:46

    Please stop all this impugning! It reminds me when I was sitting on the front porch and Elliot Ness drove up with his sledge hammer and told me I couldn’t drink anymore.

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