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That Didn’t Take Long (and misc)


NAPPS Watcher understands that a certain staff member from the NYC Dept of Consumer Affairs (legal dept) is attempting to track down the facebook exchange referenced in our post last week, Mr. Yellon and His Spots.  From our perspective, what’s done is done but government agencies are a funny breed – they tend to have very long memories.


That said, it’s time to refocus on Mr. Admin and his expenses.  This week, we’ll do a deep dive on his contract, his expenses and his reporting.  Just like Mr. Roth’s accounting though, it never adds up right.  You would think for $189K+/yr, the guy would have a working calculator.


The proposed Bylaw amendments are out and boy-oh-boy, are they a sight to behold!  Mr. Estin may be retired (rumor?) but you wouldn’t know it from reading his proposals; they are as strong and prescient as his work those many years ago in the Brown Palace Hotel.  Founding father for a reason say we.

Comments about proposed amendments can be made on the Conference page.  We’ll begin work on parsing through the items to help educate readers who may not have time to get through them all.

From the looks of it, this conference is going to be a roll-up the sleeves bruiser.  NAPPS Watcher remains hopeful that with several fundamental changes, the association can emerge with a framework in place that puts it back on a proper trajectory.





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