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The web site is by design to discuss the trade of process serving, this includes non profit associations that are granted tax exempt status related to their interest in the trade of process serving. It is designed to critically discuss the issue of process serving industry. It is non commercial. By design this page will be used to share with and petition government legislators and rule makers so they can be fully informed via direction to and interaction with its content as it may relate to their legislative or regulatory (civil or criminal) activities regarding process servers.

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2013_05_01 NAPPS gift to Maryland
2013_05_01 added ineligible Couch election to board
conference booklet now available
Oregon courts docketed a "general judgement" before the honorable Judge Nan Wollar
2013_04_23 The Derivative Demand quashed by expulsion, or not?
NAPPS conference update page
2013_04_09 33 Non profit comparables in Portland Oregon that the IRS indicates should be used as the basis of the administrator contract. Preliminary review indicates NAPPS pays Mr Crowe about 50% higher then all comparables.
April 5, 2013 letter to Oregon Courts relating to the abuse of process in subpoena powers in NAPPS v Does.
Fact check Texas recieved the funds YELLON states in his expulsion notice to me they never requested.
2013_03_21 evasion of taxes NAPPS
the evasion of taxes by Crowe/NAPPS powerpoint added
education benefactors added
Maryland has been updated with the oral testimony by name of each person who testified regarding SB 554.
2013_03_08 Lawsuits have been updated with great cases, filings and reports.
2013_03_01NAPPS change in accounting year for 6 months has full members fees without a correction.
2013_02_25 2012 Sykes v. Mel S. Harris and Associates LLC, Samserv, William Mtolok, et al New York Southern District Court (nysd) Docket Number: 1:09-cv-08486 Pacer Case Number: 352986 Date filed: 2009-10-06 Date terminated: Pending Date last filing: 2012-11-30 ADDED 2013_02_25
2013_2_25 Licensing boards and bias Ninth District court of appeals in Nevada 1995 rules in plainitffs favor
2013_02_24 NAPPS influence and takeover of the independent state board of the Georgia Association of Professional Process Servers
2013-02-23 New York 2011 990
No indication of the liability of the NAPPS loan
2013-02-23 5stagesdecline
2013_02_23 Notices recieved
2013-02-22 North Carolina Association revocation relating to tax
2013-02-22 California Association UBIT taxes correctly reported



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